1. Call to Order and Opening Comments. (Mayor Chris Riley)
1. Roll Call
2. Presentations
1. Introduction to and Procedures for Town Hall MeetingComment
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2. Update on 2016 Town Hall MeetingComment
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a. Town Hall Update
3. Possible Creation of a Committee to Re-Evaluate the Construction of a Home Rule Charter.Comment
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a. Creation of Committee to Re-Evaluate the Possibility of a Home Rule Charter
4. Report on Current Status of the Master Plan (to include timeline for completion).Comment
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a. Master Plan Update
5. Presentation, Survey & Discussion - Capital Works/Needs Assessment for all Community Infrastructure to include streets, drainage, water system, sewers and the Public Works Building and Equipment Yard.Comment
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a. Public Works Facility Remodel
b. Street Ranking Project
c. Street Ranking Project Information Sheet 1-28-17
d. 2017 Street Ranking Plan and PCI Scores 1-28-17
e. Street Ranking Map 1-28-17
f. Drainage
g. Water and Sewer
h. Sewer Main Replacement cost estimates 2017
i. Water Main Replacement cost estimates 2017
j. Total Capital Infrastructure Projects 2017
6. Presentation & Survey - Law Enforcement (Police Advisory Committee). a. 20-25mph on all City streets. b. Red Light Traffic Cameras c. EnforcementComment
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a. Police Department
7. Presentation, Survey and Discussion - Leon Valley Economic Development Corporation and General Revenue Sales & Use Tax at the rate of 1/8% for the Purposes of Expanded Use to Economic and Community Development as voted for by the citizenry in the November, 2016 Special Election.Comment
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a. Sales and Use Tax
8. One-on-One Time with City Council, City Manager and Staff for Follow Up Questions from Citizens.Comment
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9. Conclusions/Summary/Moving ForwardComment
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3. Adjournment