1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Presentations
1. 17-66 : Citizens Police Advisory Committee Annual ReportComment
a. CPAC Annual Report
3. Citizens to Be Heard
4. City Manager's Report
1. 17-98 : Upcoming Important EventsComment
documentStaff Report Printout
5. Announcements by the Mayor and Council Members
6. Consent Agenda
1. Consideration of the Following City Council Minutes:
a. Minutes of Nov 21, 2017 6:00 PM
2. 17-035R : Discuss and Consider Possible Action on Appointments to the Zoning CommissionCommentWithdrawn
documentResolution Printout
3. 17-036R : Discuss and Consider Possible Action to Appoint Members to the Leon Valley Pool Advisory CommitteeComment
documentResolution Printout
4. Ordinance 17-070 : Discuss and Consider Possible Action on an Ordinance Declaring the Charter of the City of Leon Valley AdoptedComment
documentOrdinance Printout
7. Regular Agenda
1. Ordinance 17-071 : Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action to Accept the Lowest Responsive Bid and Awarding a Construction Contract in an Amount Not To Exceed $2,302,290.98, With a Contingency Not to Exceed Five Percent (5%), To J3 Company, LLC for the Purpose of Constructing the Evers Road Huebner Creek BridgeComment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. Evers Rd. Contract Award Letter
b. Concurrence Letter TxDOT Evers Road Bridge
c. Leon Valley Evers Road Utility Map
d. PPT Evers Road Bridge Construction Contract 11-21-17
2. Ordinance 17-072 : Discuss and Consider Possible Action Awarding a Contract to Provide Solid Waste Services for Residential and Commercial Customers of the City of Leon Valley and Authorizing the City Manager to negotiate a contract with Tiger Sanitation, Inc.Comment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. Solid Waste Contract Award 12 05 17 final
3. Ordinance 17-073 : Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action on an Ordinance Selecting Phipps Anderson Deacon, LLP for the Negotiation and Execution of a Professional Services Agreement for the Investigation and Prosecution of a Lawsuit Against the Manufacturers, Distributors and Prescribers of Prescription OpiatesComment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. Professional Service Agreement Ordinance Attachment 1
b. Opioid Epidemic - Overview - Texas Municipalities
c. Opioid Power Point
4. 17-99 : First Public Hearing on Amending the City of Leon Valley Comprehensive Master PlanComment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. Draft Ordinance
b. Draft Comprehensive Master Plan
c. Master Plan ppt_12.5.2017
5. Ordinance 17-074 : Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action to Approve an Ordinance Amending the City of Leon Valley Code of Ordinances, by Adding Article 3.12 Substandard Buildings to Enact Regulations for Substandard, Unsecured or Dangerous Buildings or Structures.Comment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. PPT Substandard Buidlings 12-05-17
17-038R : Presentation, Discussion, and Possible Action on a Resolution to Approve an Initiative to Conduct a Public Education Awareness Campaign on the Hazards of Misusing Pesticides and Other Chemicals, Which May Reduce Hazardous and Toxic Waste in Our EnvironmentComment
documentResolution Printout
a. PPT Hazardous Household Waste Initiative 12-5-17
8. Citizens to be Heard
9. Adjournment