Agenda Agenda Packet
1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Presentations
1. Annual Earthwise Living Committee ReportComment
a. ppt EWL committee annual report 2017
2. Recognition of Promotion, and Pinning of New Badge to Lt. Jim Garcia to the Rank of Fire CaptainComment
3. Citizens to Be Heard
4. City Manager's Report
1. Approved Minutes from CommitteesComment
a. Library minutes sept
b. Library minutes oct
c. October 12 2017 Park Commission meeting minutes
2. Upcoming Important EventsComment
documentStaff Report Printout
5. Announcements by the Mayor and Council Members
6. Consent Agenda
1. Consideration of the Following City Council Minutes:
a. Minutes of Oct 17, 2017 6:00 PM
b. Minutes of Nov 7, 2017 6:00 PM
c. Minutes of Nov 14, 2017 5:30 PM
2. Approving the Tax Roll for the City of Leon Valley, Texas for the 2017 Tax Year.Comment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. 2017 Certified Tax Roll as of October 1, 2017
3. Consideration and Action on an In Kind Grant Request by Representative Justin Rodriguez for Use of the Leon Valley Community Center at 6427 Evers Road for Their 2017 District 125 Holiday PartyComment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. State Rep j. Rodriguez Score Sheets
4. Discuss and Consider Possible Action on an In Kind Grant Request by AARP for Use of the Leon Valley Community Center at 6427 Evers Road for Free Tax Preparation Services.Comment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. AARP Score Sheets 2018
5. Discuss and Consider Possible Action to Cancel the January 02, 2018, Regular City Council MeetingComment
documentStaff Report Printout
6. Discuss & Consider Possible Action on a Forgivable Loan Request from Slack Monster Recording Studio from Economic & Community Development FundsComment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. MS Recording Studio 111517
7. Regular Agenda
1. Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action to Approve an Ordinance Amending Chapter 3 Building Regulations, Article 3.02 Technical and Construction Codes and Standards, Division 4 Electricity, Part I, in General , Sec, 3.02.192 Permit Fees and Part II. Electrical Code, Sec. 3.02.221 Adopted, and Appendix A: Fee Schedule, Article A8.000 Building and Construction Related Fees, Sec. A8.001 Contractor Registration Fee, Section A8.007 Electrical Contractor License and Sec. A8.008 Electrical Permit.Comment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. PPT Building Code Amendments 11-21-17
8. Citizens to be Heard
9. Adjournment