1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Leon Valley City Council will host a citizens’ communication meeting to hear citizen issues and provide general policy and factual information as to issues brought up by citizens. No action will be taken except to place an item on a future agenda as appropriate.
Items Identified for possible discussion:
1. Presentation of the plan to install new flood/storm siren at the Public Works Complex. L. Valdez and Mr. Ivan Ortiz of the Texas Water Development Board. Fire Chief Luis ValdezComment
a. PPT Siren Open Meeting #2
2. Presentation of Live Streaming Options for City Council Meetings.Comment
a. livestreaming
3. Waste Management Contract DiscussionComment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. Waste Managment Contract Discussion 04 22 17
b. Waste Management - Rate Comparison
c. Cities - Brush and Bulky Item Pickup and HHHW
3. Adjournment