1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Citizens to Be Heard and Time for Objections to the Consent Agenda
3. Presentations
1. 17-8 : Recognition of Philip H. Francis Ph.D. as a Distinguished Civic Leader.Comment
a. Distinguished Civic Leader - P. Francis
2. 17-9 : Presentation of a Certificate of Achievement to Detective Jimmie Wells for his 32+ years of service to the City of Leon Valley.Comment
a. 20170410133505798
3. 17-10 : Presentation and badge pinning of new Fire Captain, Todd Morgan.Comment
4. 17-11 : Presentation and Pinning of badges on new Firefighters, Connor Hughett and Julian Mendoza.Comment
4. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes of Apr 4, 2017 7:00 PM
2. 17-014R : Discussion and possible action on the appointment of applicants to various City boards and committees.Comment
documentResolution Printout
3. 17-31 : Consider Approval of Quarterly Investment Report for the quarter ended March 31, 2017.Comment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. Investment Report Quarter Ended March 31, 2017
4. 17-015R : Consider, Discuss, and Possible Action to Amend Resolution No. 15-016R Requesting the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Amend their Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to Move the Huebner Creek Greenway Hike and Bike Trail Project Funding from Their Fiscal Year 2017 to Their Fiscal Year 2019 to Align With the Completion of the Bexar County Flood Control LC-17 ProjectComment
documentResolution Printout
a. City Council Item PPT template
5. Regular Agenda
1. Ordinance 17-010 : Consideration of an Ordinance Amending the City of Leon Valley's City Code - Appendix A - Fee Schedule, Article A2.003 Municipal Park Administrative Fees, to add a new letter (g) Swimming Pool FeesComment
documentOrdinance Printout
a. PPT Ord Fees for Community Pools 04 18 17
2. 17-32 : Discuss timeline and consider possible action to approve a Resolution Naming the new Evers Rd. / Huebner Creek bridge, "Lance Corporal Stephen J. Perez Memorial Bridge".Comment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. Lance Corporal Perez Bridge Dedication
3. 17-33 : Consideration, Discussion and Action on Sign Variance # 2017-001, to grant a Sign Variance to Chapter 14, “Zoning Ordinance,” Section 14.02.304, “Regulations for All Districts,” Subsection (m) “Overlay Districts,” Part G(2)(j). “Prohibited Signs,” to allow an 85 square foot Electronic Message Center sign to be added to an existing 39-foot tall Pole Sign with a 298 square foot sign face to In Town Suites at 6625 Bandera RoadComment
documentStaff Report Printout
a. 6625 Bandera Road_In Town Suite LED Readerboard
b. 6625 Bandera Rd_In Town property descript
c. PPT Sign Variance 2017-001
4. 17-34 : Amending the City Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, "Fee Schedule," Article A8.000, "Building and Construction Related Fees," Section A8.004, "Certificate of Occupancy," to add "(3) Certified Duplicate Certificate Fee: $125"Comment
documentStaff Report Printout
5. 17-017R : Consider, discussion and possible action on an Ordinance Authorizing The Negotiation and Execution of A Professional Services Agreement with Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates for auditing services in an amount not to exceed $100,000 for Term of Five (5) YearsComment
documentResolution Printout
a. Audit Contract 2017 powerpoint
6. 17-35 : Update on San Antonio Water System’s LC-17 Phase III and W-2 Huebner Creek Projects - Ryan Sowa, P.E. of Kimley-Horn, (engineer for San Antonio Water Systems SAWS Project).Comment
documentStaff Report Printout
b. SAWS_W2_Plans_90%
c. Tree Permit
d. Tree Preservation Plans
e. PPT SAWS Main Relocation HUebner Creek 04-18-17_KHA_Edits
7. 17-016R : Discuss, Consider and Possible Action to Approve the Creation of an Economic Development Advisory CommitteeComment
documentResolution Printout
a. Martinez
6. City Manager's Report
1. 17-12 : Approved Minutes from Boards, Commissions and Committees for City Council review.Comment
a. TAB Minutes 03-06-2017
b. CPAC 02-15-17 Minutes
c. CPAC 03-23-17 Minutes
d. March 9 2017 Park Commission minutes
2. 17-13 : Upcoming Events:Comment
7. Citizens to be Heard
8. Announcements by the Mayor and Council Members
9. Adjournment