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Presentation of the Leon Valley Pool 2017 Season Report


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Item Discussion



The purpose of this item is to provide a briefing of the pool operations for the 2017 swim season. 




The City acquired the Forest Oaks Pool last year and now operates two City pools.  The management contract for both pools was advertised last year, and Sela Aquatics, LLC. was awarded the management contract in the amount of $91,000. As part of the management contract, Sela is responsible for staffing lifeguards at both pools, between Memorial Day to Labor Day. In addition, Sela is responsible for maintaining the water quality of both pools year round.   


The City developed fees for 2017 that includes gate fees, season passes, party rentals, swim lessons, water aerobics, swim team and concessions. The City Council also developed an affordability rate structure consistent with 2017 HHS requirements, and a $200 price cap for larger families.   


Season passes were available to purchase on line, or in person at City Hall. A total of 533 passes were sold this past season. All applications for the Affordability Rate, and families with a $200 cap were processed at City Hall. A total of sixteen applications were processed for the $200 cap, and a total of 39 people applied under the Affordability Rate. Total Revenue to the City collected from both pools was $39,611.29.


The Forest Oaks Pool was deeded to the City by the Forest Oaks Community Association in 2016. Repairs were required before the City could open the Forest Oaks Pool for public use. These repairs included, electrical bonding of the pool, replacement of two pumps and two sand filters, and inoperable pool lights. In addition, repairs were required to make to the buildings that included doors, locks, electrical work to the building and concession area. Total pool expenses were $48,149.10. 


A summary of Pool Revenues and Expenditures are as follows: 




Total Revenue


Repairs to Pool (electrical bonding, replaced pumps, sand filters, pool lights)


Repairs to Building (doors, locks, electrical to bldg. and concessions, supplies, and bldg. materials)


Operational (Utilities, Supplies)


Management Contract




Net Cost to Operate




Fiscal Impact


The Fiscal Year 2016 - 17 Public Works General Fund budget included operational costs for the pool management contract and improvements.  



Item 2 (g) - Make Improvements/Investments to Rimkus Park

The pools are considered to be a part of the park system.


S.E.E Statement


Social Equity - Adds to general quality of life for all citizens.


Environmental Stewardship - Reduces the amount of automobile pollutants, as residents within that area typically walk to the pool. 



Document Comments



This presentation is for briefing purposes only. Consideration may be given to reduce the hours of operation for next season or to do something different altogether.


Sela Aquatics reported that pool usage decreased in the weeks leading up to the beginning of school. This would reduce the contract amount paid to Sela for 2018. Staff will also begin advertising the pools much earlier next year in an effort to increase membership.



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