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Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action on Contracting with Francisco Gonima for a Strategic Alignment Retreat


Department:AdministrationSponsors:City Manager Kelly Kuenstler

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During the August 18, 2020, the City Council voted to hold a retreat in an effort to strategically align the Leon Valley City Council.  City Attorney, Charles Zech, made contract with Francisco A. Gionima and the attached proposal was submitted. 


After review of the letter and deliverables, the City Manager would like direction from the Council as to whether or not to sign the proposal because if the Council is to change members in November then what the current council agrees to may not be amenable to the potential newly elected council.  In this case, a minimum of $8,400 will be spent from the reserves and may no longer be applicable or binding in November.


The discussion is the timing of the retreat.  Is it better to have the strategic alignment process done now or would the Council like to wait until November?




Social Equity:  Having a cohesive City Council assures that all citizens are represented by all members of the Council.


Economic Development:  If the Leon Valley City Council holds a reputation of being a well- functioning governing body that is strategically aligned, the City stands a better chance of attracting and retaining businesses. 


Environmental Sustainability:  If there was unity and alignment in the Council Meetings as opposed to the unrest that currently exists; the meetings might be shorter and actual business may be conducted in a more efficient manner.   This means that utilities are shut off earlier at city hall.




The minimum fiscal impact, which would come out of reserves, would be $8,400 plus printing costs, office material, and standard expenses such as mileage. 




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Meeting History

Sep 1, 2020 5:15 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

City Manager Kelly Kuenstler presented this item for discussion and possible action on the possibility of contracting with Francisco Gonima for a Strategic Alignment Retreat.

Mayor Riley said she didn’t think this was the intent but that “it was to hold a pre-3.12 mediation because Mr. Bradshaw is considered being removed from Council by a 3.12 and so it was to bring the Council together to see if we could reach a settlement with that” is what her understanding was, but not a retreat.

Citizens that spoke on this item were:

· Evan Bohl spoke in favor of this mediation and including senior staff.

· Erick Matta spoke about what he sees as the problem and the solution.

· Justin Pulliam expressed his opinion on who should pay for this.

· Rey Orozco asked Councilor Bradshaw to read the motion again.

· Josh Stevens explained the fissure to Councilor Hodde; and the election.

· Sarah Smart wanted to know what the motivation for the 3.12. and then told them what she thinks it is; told the Council that they do not run the City but they do.

Councilor Matthew motioned to contact Mr. Tommy Smith and find out when he is available since he is generously offering this for free, and that we do everything in our power to make sure that we can be at the very first opportunity that he gives us, ideally, late in the afternoon for Mr. Bradshaw and weekends are fine as well but I’m willing to take a day off on my personal time because I signed up for this and any time is fine with me ultimately as long as I have a couple days sleep. Councilor Will Bradshaw second the motion.

Mayor Riley asked City Secretary Saundra Passailaigue to take a roll call vote.

City Secretary Passailaigue proceeded with a roll call vote to which the City Council replied: Councilor Donna Charles - Abstained; Councilor Catherine Rodriguez - Aye; Councilor Monica Alcocer - Aye; Councilor Matthew Hodde - Aye; and Councilor Will Bradshaw - Aye.

With four (4) voting in favor and one (1) abstaining, Mayor Riley announced the motion carried.

MOVER:Matthew Hodde, Council Place 4
SECONDER:Will Bradshaw, Council Place 5
AYES:Monica Alcocer, Catherine Rodriguez, Matthew Hodde, Will Bradshaw
ABSTAIN:Donna Charles