Leon Valley


Presentation and Discussion of Differences between Leon Valley Government under General Law (1952-2017) and under the Current Leon Valley Charter (2018 - Present)



Meeting History

Sep 1, 2020 5:15 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Before the item was presented a motion was made by Councilor Donna Charles to remove the item from the agenda and reschedule it for a date certain, November 17, just to prevent us from talking about a measure that is on the ballot.

Mayor Riley replied that she was not speaking about a measure to which Councilor Charles replied, I would like to prevent that by rescheduling it to November 17 and removing it from this agenda.

Councilor Monica Alcocer seconded the motion adding that it is inappropriate to be talking about something that is a measure…

Mayor Riley interrupted Councilor Alcocer and asked if they had seen the PowerPoint that she just presented to Saundra.

Councilor Monica Alcocer and Mayor Riley continued speaking over one another.

Councilor Donna Charles said in order of caution, I would like to remove it from the agenda and reset it to November 17.

Mayor Riley said that was her issue. November 17 and asked that the Councilors look over the PowerPoint. Mayor Riley asked them again, “Have you seen the PowerPoint?”

Councilor Monica Alcocer responded to the Mayor, “Yes ma’am after 4 o’clock today when you sent it which was too late and I don’t believe its factual. I think it is a made-up set of slides that is not accurate and I think it needs to be considered at a later date after the election. It has to do with influencing what is on this present election and that’s what you did an affidavit against me, the manager, and Ms. Charles that we had done that exact thing when nothing was even on the ballot. This one is on the ballot. I would like to get some legal input from Mr. Zech.”

Mayor Riley said “Alright Mr. Zech go ahead.”

Attorney Zech said that he had read the PowerPoint and that it was factual in nature and it would be allowable by law if someone wanted to show the public the differences between a General Law and Home Rule city as long as it was factual.

Councilor Charles said, “However, I have made a motion to remove it from the agenda and reschedule it to November 17 and there has been a second.”

This was followed by discussion.

Councilor Monica Alcocer called the vote and said “we don’t need any more of Councilor Bradshaw’s preaching.”

The following citizens spoke on this item:

· Benny Martinez called the Council “a bunch of tyrants”; and spoke about the vote to kick him off of Council.

· Erik Matta spoke about the city manager receiving advice from the city attorney giving her advice on the Lion’s Roar editorial.

Councilor Donna Charles called a Point of Order.

· Erik Matta responded to Councilor Charles “No. I am speaking.”

Mayor Riley asked Councilor Charles what her objection was. Councilor Charles replied that her objection was the Mr. Matta was not on topic. Mayor Riley replied, “Let’s see.”

· Erik Matta responded “It actually is on topic because you brought it up.

Councilor Charles and Mr. Matta began conversing back and forth until Mr. Matta sat down.

· Sarah Smart spoke about forcing Council to work together; told the Council to “grown up, do your job, and do the right fricken thing.”

· Justin Pulliam spoke again about viewpoint discrimination; self-surrender;

Councilor Donna Charles called a Point of Order. Mayor Riley agreed and asked Mr. Pulliam to keep to the topic.

· Justin Pulliam continued with speaking about Chief Salvaggio’s self-surrender PowerPoint.

· Norma Shirotori disappointed that the item is being put off but would like it put on the next agenda.

· Josh Stevens proposed that the Mayor give him her PowerPoint to put on Justin’s to get out to his audience.

Councilor Catherine Rodriguez asked Attorney Charles Zech about a comment he made several months ago about Council choosing to accept or not accept his legal advice.

Attorney Zech replied saying that Council is always free to do whatever they choose.

Councilor Bradshaw pointed out the “double standards” with the “preferred majority”.

Councilor Charles said, in caution, she is recommending, and she said she had already done that, “made a motion to remove it from the agenda and reset it for February 17 because otherwise we are very likely talking about a measure that is on the ballot and I think that the vote has been called.”

Mayor Riley asked Councilor Charles about the date of February 17 to which Councilor Charles corrected with November 17.

Mayor Riley asked that City Secretary Passailaigue take a roll call vote.

Councilor Will Bradshaw interrupted with “Mayor, Point of Order.” Mayor Riley acknowledged Councilor Bradshaw.

Councilor Bradshaw informed the Mayor that she needed to vote on Calling the Question first.

Mayor Riley said “That’s right because you can’t shut down debate without a vote.”

Mayor Riley asked that City Secretary Passailaigue take a roll call vote.

Councilor Monica Alcocer called a Point of Order saying that Councilor Donna Charles just said “Call the Vote”, not “Call the Question”.

Councilor Bradshaw told the Mayor that Councilor Alcocer called the Question so Mayor Riley replied to Councilor Alcocer, “I thought you Called the Question a while back. Did you not? I thought you did.”

Councilor Donna Charles said “There has been a motion and a second and I would like to call the vote.”

Mayor Riley asked the City Secretary if she had it in her notes that the “Question” had been called. City Secretary Passailaigue said she had stepped out of the room so at one point so she would have to listen to the recording.

Mayor Riley said let’s just vote because we don’t have time to check the recording.

Mayor Riley asked City Secretary Saundra Passailaigue to take a roll call vote.

City Secretary Passailaigue proceeded with a roll call vote to which the City Council replied: Councilor Donna Charles - Aye; Councilor Catherine Rodriguez - Aye; Councilor Monica Alcocer - Aye; Councilor Matthew Hodde - Aye; and Councilor Will Bradshaw - Nay.

Upon a three (3) to two (2) opposed, Mayor Riley announced the motion carried.

MOVER:Donna Charles, Council Place 1
SECONDER:Catherine Rodriguez, Council Place 2
AYES:Monica Alcocer, Donna Charles, Catherine Rodriguez
NAYS:Matthew Hodde, Will Bradshaw