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Public Hearing to Approve an Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance of a Specific Use Permit No. 2017-282, for the Operation of a Bar in an I-1 Industrial District and Commercial/Industrial Overlay District, located at 4700 Timco West, Ste. 105


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Item Discussion


To hold a public hearing on the case referenced below:



Property Owner:                            David Holland, owner of Longtab Brewing Company


Request:              A Special Use Permit for the operation of a “Bar,” specifically a brewpub and microbrewery in an I-1 Light Industrial Zoning district, in the Commercial/Industrial Overlay District.


Site:              4700 Timco West Ste 105, Leon Valley, TX 78238, CB 4428F BLK 5 Lot 2


Zoning/Land Use:              Surrounding zoning consists of:

·              North, South, East and West I-1 Light Industrial

·              With some B-3 commercial to the West of Zarzamora Creek and North of Bandera Rd.

·              City of San Antonio to the South.

History:                               ●                 1952 - Lot incorporated with the City of Leon Valley

·              1965 - Ordinance 101 established Zoning as I-1 Light Industrial

·              1981 - Platted as Lot 2 Block 5 CB 4428F

·              2010 - Included in the Commercial/Industrial Overlay

·              2017 - 4700 Timco, known as Timco Business Park, building project completed 7-18-2017


Master Plan:              The 2009 Master Plan, Section 2Bcc Leon Valley South Corridor addresses the area noting that I-1 (Light Industrial) zoning, is recommended for undeveloped lots in the area.


Staff Comments:              1)   City Inspectors have no objections to the proposed use.

2)              Applicant has met all requirements of the Zoning Code.

3)              TIA worksheet was received that indicated under 100 trips, therefore they will not be required to submit a Traffic Impact analysis.

4)              Proposed Zoning is consistent with Master Plan.

5)              Proposed Zoning is compatible with adjacent uses.



Letters Mailed and Responses Received from Property Owners within 200-feet

8   Mailed       0     In Favor      1     Opposed

  0     Total responses received as of October 10-25-2017

                                                             0              Returned, unable to deliver             





Social - The request benefits all citizens by maintaining a stable economic base.


Economic - The request ensures a pro-business climate that creates jobs and creates sales tax.


Environmental - The building in which the proposed use is located was built to

Commercial and Industrial overlay standards that require the planting of trees and other vegetation to support the City’s tree planting goals.




The City will gain sales tax from beer and food sales. As a tenant, the activity will support continued ad valorem taxes.


Document Comments



On October 24, 2017, the Zoning Commission recommended approval of SUP Case 2017-282 with a vote of 5 to 0.


Meeting History

Nov 7, 2017 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

A motion was made by Council Member Monica Alcocer and seconded by Council Member David Jordan to accept as presented with the additional provision to seek more fencing and trees in the area that almost abuts the daycare.

Council Member Benny Martinez said that he didn’t think it proper for the City to ask a business to require their landlord to add fencing and trees; and he asked that part of the motion be removed. Council Member Benny Martinez restated this request as an amendment to Council Member Alcocer’s motion. Council Member Alcocer did not accept the amendment stating that she is asking the business owner to seek additional fencing and trees, not a requirement and asked that the motion stand. Council Member Jordan reiterated his second.

Olen Yarnell asked about EDC funds. Council Member Jordan informed Mr. Yarnell that this would be the decision of the Economic Development Advisory Committee but that it was inappropriate to do at this time.

MOVER:Monica Alcocer, Council Place 3
SECONDER:David Jordan, Council Place 5
AYES:David Edwards, Belinda Ealy, Monica Alcocer, David Jordan
NAYS:Benny Martinez