Leon Valley

Staff Report

Discuss and Consider Possible Action to Vote for the Placement of a Proposal to Adopt the City’s 2017 Tax Rate on the Agenda of September 19, 2017, Council Meeting



Item Discussion



The City is proposing to adopt a Tax Rate of $0.556599/$100 of property valuation for the Tax Year 2017, which is the same tax rate as last year. When a proposed tax rate exceeds the rollback tax rate or the effective tax rate, whichever is lower, Chapter 26 of the Texas Property Tax Code requires the City Council to vote to place a proposal to adopt the tax rate on the agenda of a future meeting as an action item.


For the 2017 Tax Year, the proposed Tax Rate of $0.556599/$100 exceeds the Effective Tax Rate of $0.533943/$100 by 4.243150% and is $0.012942 lower than the Rollback Tax Rate of $.569541/$100.


A record vote must be taken.




Social - A responsible municipal budget strives to allocate taxpayer dollars in an efficient and effective manner that represents all citizens equally.


Economic - Utilizing taxpayer monies to maximize public safety, city administration and city programs/services allow the City to actively pursue Economic Development opportunities.


Environmental - The City’s El Verde by 2020 initiative continues to be supported through careful allocation of budgetary dollars that promotes sustainability. Ad Valorem Taxes are the most stable source of revenue for the General Fund




Property taxes fund the activities in the General Fund and Debt Service Fund budgets for Fiscal Year 2018.



Document Comments



Vote for the placement of a proposal to adopt the City’s 2017 tax rate on the Agenda of September 19, 2017.


Meeting History

Aug 15, 2017 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

A motion was made by Council Member Belinda Ealy and seconded by Council Member David Jordan for the Placement of a Proposal to Adopt the City’s 2017 Tax Rate on the Agenda of September 19, 2017, Council Meeting.

Mayor Riley requested a call vote to which the City Council replied: Council Member Edwards - Absent; Council Member Alcocer - Absent; Council Member Martinez - Aye; Council Member Jordan - Aye; and Council Member Ealy - Aye. Upon a unanimous vote, Mayor Riley announced the motion carried.

MOVER:Belinda Ealy, Council Place 2
SECONDER:David Jordan, Council Place 5
AYES:Benny Martinez, Belinda Ealy, David Jordan