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Presentation, Discussion and Possible Action of the Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget




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Presentation, discussion and possible action on the Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budgets and associated Capital Plans. The City Manager will present a PowerPoint Presentation on the following Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budgets:


              General Fund

              Water and Sewer (Enterprise) Fund

              Grant Fund

              Crime Control and Prevention District

              Building Security Fund

              Child Safety Fund

              Municipal Court Technology Fund

              Debt Service Fund

              Community Center Fund

              Street Maintenance Tax Fund

              Police Forfeiture Fund




              Social - The budget serves as the foundation of the City’s financial planning and control. It addresses the goals of the City, establishes priorities, determines the level of funding commitment, and serves as a day-to-day operations guide. The City establishes a budget for eleven separate funds.  Activities of the General Fund, Water and Sewer (Enterprise) Fund, Grant Fund, Crime Control and Prevention District, Building Security Fund, Child Safety Fund, Municipal Court Technology Fund, Debt Service Fund, Community Center Fund, Street Maintenance Fund and Police Forfeiture are included in the annual budget.


              Economic - Utilizing taxpayer monies to maximize public safety, City Administration and City programs/services allow the City to actively pursue Economic Development opportunities.


              Environmental -The City’s El Verde by 2020 initiative continues to be supported through careful allocation of budgetary dollars that promotes sustainability.


              FISCAL IMPACT


The Proposed Budget presented provides the funding mechanism for City operations.






Meeting History

Aug 1, 2017 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

City Manager Kelly Kuenstler presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget which she began by saying that we are projecting a fund balance in the General Fund of approximately $1,472,227 in the Capital Reserve Fund and $1,000,000 in the Emergency Fund for an estimated total of $2,472,227. The Emergency Fund alone represents 4.5 weeks of operating income. The combined fund balance represents approximately 2.5 months of operating income. City Manager Kuenstler stated that the budget presented today is not balanced by $135,143 and presented options to balance the General Fund. The options included cutting the dispatch contract ($141,000); cut police, fire and public works overtime ($21,000); cut the slurry seal of the Community Center Complex ($30,000); cut the moving of the Library Annex ($15,000); cut the City Council streaming services ($9,640); cut Kelly Day funding ($69,392); or reduce the Cost of Living (COLA) Adjustment from the proposed 2.5% by .5% ($27,644) or by 1.0% ($55,288). Revenue highlights were the operating revenue $10,236,632; to fund the Fiscal Year 2018, we are proposing a tax rate of $0.556599 cents per $100 valuation which is the same tax rate as Fiscal Year 2017. The tax components are $0.478752 for Maintenance and Operations; and $0.077847 for Interest and Sinking (I&S) Fund Debt Service. Expenditure highlights include operating expenditures of $9,084,025 which is an increase of $548,675 (Impound Lot); and Capital Expenditures of $2,210,015 which is an increase of $1,114,387 (Evers Road Bridge).

Council Member Benny Martinez asked that "upgrade to Mac" be changed to read "update laptops/notebooks". This was agreed too.

Mayor Riley suggested that the City begin getting the word out regarding the Evers Road Bridge construction. City Manager Kuenstler said that was a great idea and that staff would get the information out in ENews, the Lions Roar, social media and the water bill. Construction is scheduled to begin October 1st.

Council Member Belinda Ealy asked for better lighting for pedestrians and recycling stations at the July 4th event.

City Manager Kuenstler continued with the presentation saying that major items in this budget are $75,000 for salary market adjustments; $10,600 for cameras in the Council Chambers; $6,500 for software to stream Council meetings; and $6,165 to replace the postage meter. Major items for the Police Department include: $36,715 for a part-time position for the Impound Lot; $102,000 for portable hand-held radios (Forfeiture Fund); $29,950 for in-car camera systems (Forfeiture Fund); $68,056 for a traffic pre-emption control system (Forfeiture Fund); $61,955 to eliminate holiday time off and pay for worked holidays at double time; 466,265 for a new patrol officer position approved by Council in February 2017 (Forfeiture Fund). Major items for the Fire Department include: $32,000 for five self-contained breathing apparatuses; $204,000 for an ambulance and power stretcher system; $42,270 to eliminate holiday time off and pay for worked holidays at double time; and $69,392 for Kelly Day and 19-day pay cycle elimination. Major items for Public Works Department include: $92,000 for the pool management contract; $120,000 for sidewalks; $45,000 for a flatbed water truck; $15,000 for a concrete mixer; $75,000 for a backhoe; $25,000 for a pick-up truck for the Construction Crew; $35,000 for a dump truck; $15,000 for a utility vehicle; $150,000 to replace the traffic signal at Wurzbach and Exchange Parkway; $1,287,750 for the construction of the Evers Road Bridge; and $20,000 ($10,000 Water/Sewer and $10,000 Public Works) for trenching and fungicide for a Tree Replacement Fund. Major items in Community Development Department included the deletion of the Community Development Director position and replaced with a Planning and Zoning Director position. Special Events - $65,757 to support the July 4th Celebration ($46,000 for the event and $19,757 for overtime) and $15,000 for the Ciclovía Event. The Park Department - $60,000 for the Silo Park pavilion and playscape; $95,000 for the Old Mill park pavilion, playscape and fencing; and $12,000 for the Ridge Park fitness equipment.

Major items for the Leon Valley Public Library include $10,000 to purchase new books; and $24,670 to eliminate the summer hires and replace with two part-time positions which will also allow for the Library to remain open seven (7) days a week. Communication Department - this department is eliminated in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget and expenses have been allocated as appropriate. Major items in the Water and Sewer Fund include $150,000 to replace water mains; $20,000 for a utility pick-up; and $130,000 to purchase water rights. Major Sewer expenditures are $150,000 to replace sewer lines. Storm Water - $30,000 for a mower tractor and shredder; and $90,000 to purchase land. Major items for the Community Center include operating expenditures of $165,042; and Capital of $13,244 to remodel the Community Center kitchen.

Crime Control and Prevention Budget is also balanced with operating expenditures of $375,389. This funds the salaries and benefits for the police captain, two (2) patrol officers, investigation sergeant, overtime and certification pay.

Special Revenue Funds include a Grant Fund of $2,924 for law enforcement training; Building Security Fund of $7,284 for the Municipal Court Bailiff; Child Safety Fund of $14,530 for the School Crossing Guard Program; Municipal Court Technology of $13,283; Debt Services of $784,926; Police Forfeiture of $420,366. Major items include: $102,000 for portable hand held radios; $28,950 for in-car camera system; and $68,056 for a traffic pre-emption control system.

City Manager Kuenstler added that this budget would provide the following for Personnel: funds the Merit Pay System which allows each employee a 2% merit increase on their date of hire, if they qualify; funds the continuation of longevity pay ($4.00 per month for each year of service); funds the retirement system (increase of .29%); funds a 2.5% COLA; Health Insurance (as of this meeting date those numbers have not been received by the City); provides the City Manager discretionary funds of $75,000 for market salary adjustments. City Manager Kuenstler also included a proposed work week of 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday for most staff with a proposed City Hall hour’s plan of 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday; and 8:00 am - 5:00 pm on Fridays. This plan would increase City Hall hours by 7.5 hours per week.

City Manager Kuenstler concluded the presentation by informing everyone that there will be a budget public hearing and formal adoption on August 15, 2017; first public hearing on proposed tax rate on September 5, 2017; second public hearing on proposed tax rate on September 12, 2017; and formal adoption of the tax rate on September 19, 2017.

Mayor Riley asked for a summary of all water leases to be provided to Council.

A motion was made by Council Member Monica Alcocer and seconded by Council Member David Edwards to direct the City Manager to give notice to Helotes on their dispatch contract; and to adjust the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 COLA from 2.5% to 2%.

MOVER:Monica Alcocer, Council Place 3
SECONDER:David Edwards, Council Place 1
AYES:Benny Martinez, David Edwards, Belinda Ealy, Monica Alcocer, David Jordan