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Presentation and Discussion on First Month Operations of the City Operated Impound Lot




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Item Discussion



The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the status of the Leon Valley Police Department Impound Lot.


·                     First Month of Operation (June)

·            Projected Prisoner/Abandoned              32

·            Actual Prisoner/Abandoned                            32

·            Vehicles Claimed from Lot                            22

·            Vehicles in Impound Lot                            10

·            Stay of Vehicles in Lot                                          1-14 days

·            Vehicles Seized                                                        1 (3 more pending)

·            Impound Lot Fees Collected                            $5,470

·            Towing Fees Collected                             $2,705             




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Meeting History

Jul 18, 2017 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

LVPD Chief Joe Salvaggio gave a brief presentation to discuss the status of the Leon Valley Police Department Impound Lot.

· Lyn Joseph, Trotter Lane, asked about oil and abandoned vehicles.

· Wayne Haymes, 5819 Grass Hill, spoke about separating law enforcement and profit.

Chief Salvaggio reported that in the first month of operation (June) the projected prisoner/abandoned - 32; actual prisoner/abandoned - 32; vehicles claimed from lot - 22; vehicles in impound lot - 10; stay of vehicles in lot - 1-14 days; vehicles seized - 1 (3 more pending); impound lot fees collected - $5,470; with a total towing fees collected - $2,705.