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Presentation of 2017 Beautification Excellence Awards to Homeowners and Businesses in Leon Valley




  1. Beautifications Awards 2017

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Mayor Riley and the Beautification Committee will present the 2017 Beautification Excellence Award signs to homeowners and businesses that were judged to be the best of Leon Valley for beautification.




Social - Beautification awards promote outreach in the neighborhoods and businesses by challenging people to make their homes and businesses more attractive. This creates a positive influence in our neighborhoods and businesses.


Economic - A property that is maintained increases both the property value and the community value.


Environmental - By beautifying our community with plants, we are helping to reduce pollution by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Plants also help remove chemicals and bacteria from the ground and are a food source for wildlife.



Meeting History

Jun 20, 2017 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
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Finance Director/ Beautification Committee Liaison Vickie Wallace introduced Donna Charles, Chairman of Beatification Committee who gave a brief overview of the award program.

Chairman Charles invited Mayor Riley and Committee members to join her up front. Mayor Riley introduced the Judges and asked each one to come up to receive a small token of appreciation for participating in the judging. The judges were: Betty Butler, Grace Emery, Melinda Dawson, Sharon Hendricks, Sandra Keller, Joyce Trent and Irene Baldridge who was not present.

Those present to receive recognition were: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Robert & Helen Watson, Sandra Keller, John & Margarita Felan, Onie Zakrzewski, Palmira Niblett, Donna Charles, and Hamilton & Joy Angeles.

Winners recognized but not present were: Andrew & Lauretta Coindreau, Robert & Patricia Pish, Maria Ojeda, James Scott, Joseph & Yolanda Smith, Robbie & Beverly Henwood, and Mary Sanchez.