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Staff Report
Approved as Amended
Jun 6, 2017 7:00 PM

Discuss and Consider Possible Action on an Amendment to the Leon Valley Public Library Policy Manual.




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Item Discussion



Written policies establish the framework for what will or will not be done.  They are a philosophy, standard, or criterion that helps employees exercise good judgment.  A policy manual will:

·              Improve quality of work by reducing errors.

·              Increase productivity by standardizing processes, creating a consistent way of doing things.

·              Serve as training aids.

·              Serve as a checklist for complicated or little-used processes.

·              Provide a basis for improvement.


**Changes to Patron Conduct to better serve individual cases

**Addition to Internet Policy to further clarify and protect library and patrons




Social Equity - Implementing policies will set standards so that the library responds to citizens in a fair and prompt manner.







These changes fall in line with the City's goal of Safety and Security, helping us to have fair guidelines for the good of all the citizens using the library.


Document Comments



It is recommended that the Council approve the change/addition to the Library Policy Manual.



Meeting History

Jun 6, 2017 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

Library Director Sandy Underwood presented the proposed revisions to the written policies. Proposed changes include changes to Patron Conduct to better serve individual cases and the addition to Internet Policy to further clarify and protect library and patrons.

The presentation was followed by a brief discussion and the following changes were to be made:


Addendum to Article VI Internet Use Policy

Public Computers Use: Public computers are equipped with security software that wipes each computer clean, setting it back to our “base point” after each log out. This ensures that patron information is not stored on computers. Library staff will not disable this software for any reason, for the security of all involved.

Wi-Fi Usage in the Library: Leon Valley Public Library provides wireless access to the internet to allow patrons to use their personal wireless-ready laptops and devices. Library staff is available to help with minimal instruction; however staff cannot install programs, troubleshoot or make any changes to devices that are not library-owned.


Remove from inappropriate behavior #2 Possession of Weapons


Number 4 reworded to:

Any person who commits repeat violations of the Patron Conduct Policy or a serious violation of any of the prohibited actions, or who poses a threat to the public health and safety of others in the library may be expelled permanently from the Library by the City Manager.

Number 5 to only read:

5. The Library Director shall provide written notice to the person who has been expelled.

Number 6 to read:

6. The City Manager has the authority to suspend a patron from the Library for a designated period of time relevant to the offense based on the Library Director’s recommendation. If a person who has been suspended returns to the Library before the defined time period has expired, the Police will be summoned to have the patron removed and prosecuted for the offense, including but not limited to criminal trespass or disorderly conduct.

A motion was made by Council Member Benny Martinez and seconded by Council Member David Edwards to accept the proposed amendment to the Leon Valley Public Library Policy Manual as amended.

MOVER:Benny Martinez, Council Place 4
SECONDER:Belinda Ealy, Council Place 2
AYES:David Jordan, David Edwards, Belinda Ealy, Benny Martinez
EXCUSED:Monica Alcocer