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Consider, Discuss, and Possible Action to Approve a Request to Use Park Capital Funds for The Ridge at Leon Valley Proposed Park


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Item Discussion



To consider a request to use Park Capital Funds that were allocated for use at the Shadow Mist Park to fund improvements to The Ridge at Leon Valley proposed park.


During the previous year's budget meetings, the City Council approved capital funds in the amount of $20,000 to develop a portion of the Shadow Mist Park. This was to be in conjunction with the development of the Crystal Hills Park in the City of San Antonio. The Crystal Hills Park was not funded by the City of San Antonio, but is being considered as a part of their 2017 Bond package. The funds are not likely to be used in this fiscal year, as the Crystal Hills Park development is not planned for this year.


It is proposed to allow staff to use the funds to develop improvements at The Ridge at Leon Valley proposed park. The Park Commission has held public meetings with the residents of that area to discuss improvements and plans to hold a final meeting at their May 2017 Park Commission meeting. After recommendations are made, they will be presented to City Council for final approval.


At that time, these funds may be used towards the development of that park. Staff had asked for and was granted a budget adjustment in the amount of $35,000 for this proposed park, but this is to remove silt and clay from the detention pond and replace it with good soils and hydroturf to create an open play area and those funds will be depleted for that purpose. There are no other funds for the development of this park.




·              Social Equity - Providing parkland in each area of the city assures that all citizens have access to parks and this action supports the goal of providing adequate recreational opportunities.

Economic Development - Enhancing the park system increases recreational opportunities, which may appeal to potential residents and businesses.


·              Environmental Stewardship - Parkland is typically left minimally developed, which increases area for stormwater settling, instead of runoff, which helps to protect the environment.




The $20,000 is already in the Park Capital line item. Staff just needs City Council approval to put the funds to a use other than what was approved by City Council.

Document Comments



Authorize staff to use the $20,000 that was allocated to the Shadow Mist Park to construct improvements to The Ridge at Leon Valley proposed park.


Meeting History

May 2, 2017 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
MOVER:Monica Alcocer, Council Place 3
SECONDER:David Edwards, Council Place 1
AYES:David Jordan, David Edwards, Belinda Ealy, Monica Alcocer, Benny Martinez