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Consider, Discuss and Possibly Approve a Management Policy for City-Owned Swimming Pools, for the 2017 Swim Season


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Item Discussion



The City recently received bids to manage both swimming pools, and the lowest responsible bid was $91,000. The City Council now needs to decide whether or not to recoup some or all of management costs through user fees, and whether or not to allow non-residents to use the pools.


Staff polled 10 surrounding cities - 5 operated pools:  

The Leon Valley pool amenities include the pool and concession stand, but no revenues are currently generated. The swim lessons and swim team are conducted by an outside source, the pool parties are managed by the pool management company, and the concessions are snack and drink machines.


By comparison, the Forest Oaks Pool amenities include the pool, grounds rental, tennis courts, concession stand, and a party room. They charged membership fees, swim lesson and swim team fees, they operated a concession stand, managed pool parties, the party room, rented out a portion of the grounds called “The Hill”, and then generated other revenue from fundraisers, t-shirts, etc.



The Council has several options for the management of the swimming pools. They are:


·              #1 Free:

o              Operate both pools free to LV residents only

o              Operate both pools free, but open to everyone

·              #2 Maintain status quo:

o              Operate one pool free (LV residents only)and one with a fee (open to everyone)

o              Would recover portion of management costs

·              #3 Both pools fee based:

o              Recoup all of management costs

o              Decide if open to LV & non-LV or not

·              #4 Both pools fee based:

o              Use new fee schedule for both

o              Use new fee schedule for LV Community Pool & existing fee schedule for Forest Oaks Pool

o              Decide if open to LV & non-LV or not


Option #1 Free

·              City assumes all costs with no recovery of $91,000 in management costs

·              Need to decide if the pools will be open to only LV residents or to everyone

·              Community room and tennis courts at FO pool would be rented, but funds would recoup maintenance and operations costs - not pool

·              “The Hill” grounds rental at FO pool could be used to offset some operations and management, but not much


Option #2 Maintain Status Quo


·              Council covers management costs of $45,500 at LV Community Pool & some costs of FO pool (Membership revenue was $35,800 - balance of $9700)

·              FOCA pool membership fees remain the same:




Option #3 Recoup all management costs:


·              2016 memberships LV pool                            290

·              2016 memberships FO pool                            104

·              Total                                                                                     394

·              Management                                                                      $91,000 /

·              Total memberships                                                        394 =

·              Membership cost                                                        $231

·              Warning - this model assumes the same amount of memberships as in the previous year

·              LV Community Pool may not have same membership numbers if this fee is charged


Option #4 Set a lower rate at both pools


·              Option 3 may set membership fee too high for some members of our community

·              Could consider lower rate used by other cities and absorb some of the management costs

·              Converse, Hondo, and COSA considered too low by staff

·              Lower rates may encourage more memberships

·              Could also offer daily passes for individuals that can’t afford a season membership


City of Schertz Fee Schedule:




City of Windcrest Fee Schedule:




Option #4 Set a lower rate at Leon Valley Community Pool and use current rates at Forest Oaks Pool:

·              Use either Schertz or Windcrest rates at LV pool and gather statistical data after swim season

·              Would probably recover most of the management costs, but keeps pool affordable

·              Due to unknown factors at present, reconcile memberships/fees at both pools after end of season and devise a comprehensive pool fee schedule for future years

·              Explore options for in-house pool management for future years


Any new fees will have to be passed by ordinance into Appendix A Fee Schedule of Leon Valley City Code and this would need to be accomplished by mid-April in order to charge a fee for the upcoming pool season.


Status of Other Forest Oaks Pool Amenities


·              Community room would rent for $125, for 4 hours, with extra hours at $50

·              Money received would cover administrative and maintenance costs - not pool management

·              Rental of “The Hill” (grounds at the pool) would be $100 for 3 hours, with extra hour at $50

·              Money would go to offset pool management costs, no data on how many rentals & proceeds

·              Tennis courts would rent same as LV tennis courts at $5 per hour

·              Money received would cover administrative and maintenance costs of courts - not pool management




·              Social - Outdoor recreational opportunities add to the general quality of life for all citizens

·              Economic - Swimming pools enhance the amenities offered by the City to its residents, which may encourage relocation

·              Environmental - Potentially reduces the amount of automobile emissions, as residents within each area would not have to drive to find this type of activity



Document Comments



·              Policy should be set for this year’s swim season by City Council

·              Staff recommends further study, after this swim season, on all funding options before next fiscal year operations

·              Gives one season of base line information to reconcile memberships & fees

·              Allows staff to explore options for senior and other discounts

·              Allows City Council to determine if they would like to manage pool in the future in-house

Meeting History

Mar 21, 2017 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

Assistant Public Works Director David Dimaline presented this item asking that City Council now decide whether or not to recoup some or all of management costs through user fees, and whether or not to allow non-residents to use the pools. Assistant Director Dimaline presented data collected from five (5) other city (cities other than Leon Valley) operated pools.

This was followed by a discussion.

City Manager Kelly Kuenstler asked the Mayor and City Council for clarification on direction on whether or not it was Council’s wish that staff bring back a program schedule for various activities. There was a consensus among members of City Council to do that.

Council Member Monica Alcocer suggested that a decision on this item be postponed until the Kelly’s, Mr. Proffitt and Sela Aquatics meet to discuss programs, fees, etc.

· Olen Yarnell, Sulky Lane, said that these pools need to be self-sustaining.

· Kim Crawford, Forest Mont, said that single income or low income citizens need to be considered when deciding pool fees. Ms. Crawford suggested making one pool for residents and the other for non-residents.

· Marianna Sanchez, Blacksmith Lane, suggested mirroring the system for memberships like Gold’s Gym.

· Larry Proffitt, spoke about the fees and resources to make money.

· Carolyn Gabriel, spoke about her history with Forest Oaks Pool.

A motion was made by Council Member Monica Alcocer and seconded by Council Member David Jordan, to postpone this decision until the next City Council meeting so that we get all the coordination of the City, Sela, some of those involved like Lori and Tom, Larry Proffitt, so that we can get something that isn’t so wide spread and is fair and amenable for the City; looking at our City first and the outside second even though they live just outside the boundaries. The City’s pool is the City of Leon Valley and we need to remember that until we are making so much money that we can share with the world.

MOVER:Monica Alcocer, Council Place 3
SECONDER:David Jordan, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:David Jordan, David Edwards, Belinda Ealy, Monica Alcocer, Benny Martinez
Apr 4, 2017 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

City Attorney Denise Frederick explained to the City Council that they are being presented this item although it was somewhat combined with 5.2 in discussion already. However, this item was tabled at the March 21st meeting to this meeting agenda tonight.

Assistant Public Works Director Dimaline stated that at the April 18th meeting, most of the concerns would be addressed with Sela present to answer the questions.

City Attorney Frederick said that this item was placed on the agenda for City Council to consider user fees and memberships.

A motion was made by Council Member Benny Martinez and seconded by Council Member David Jordan to charge user fees to recoup the management fees at both pools and allow non-residents of Leon Valley to use both pools.

MOVER:Benny Martinez, Council Place 4
SECONDER:David Jordan, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:David Jordan, David Edwards, Monica Alcocer, Benny Martinez, Belinda Ealy