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Discuss and possible action on the New City Council City Council Agendas/Packets/Minutes Platform Citizen Sign-In Feature.




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To present an explanation of the new “Sign-In” tab on the on-line Leon Valley City Council Agendas and Agenda Packet.


This is a feature on the new City Council Agendas/Packets/Minutes Platform. This feature will enable citizens who are unable to attend meetings to submit their comments directly to the City Council and/or Administrators.


It is not mandatory to sign in if you plan to speak during the City Council meeting. This is only an option for those who wish to sign-in because they are unable to attend but would like to comment on a particular agenda item.


Another benefit to signing in is that all of the person’s information e.g.: name and address are entered into the minutes. This ensures the proper name spelling and it also saves the city secretary time that is currently spent trying to locate addresses on speakers for the minutes.


The alternative to having this Sign-In feature is to not have it at all.




Social Equity - The City will encourage collaborative participation by its residents, businesses and stakeholders. The City’s citizens who are unable to attend City Council meetings will be able to participate by sending in their comments through this Sign-In feature. This encourages transparency, communication, and accountability.


Environmental - By submitting comments via the Sign-In tab on the website, those wanting to speak on a particular matter will be able to send their comment via the website vs. driving their vehicles. This would lessen fuel emissions.


Economic Development - Not applicable







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Meeting History

Feb 21, 2017 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

City Secretary Saundra Passailaigue gave a demonstration of the new Sign-in and comment feature of the new City Council Accela/MinuteTraq program. City Secretary Passailaigue demonstrated how citizens are able to preview the City Council agenda and meeting packet online. If the viewer so wanted to comment on a particular item they would be able to do so from any location. The viewer could then choose whether or not their comment would go to City Council alone or to City Council and Administration. The comments then could be incorporated into the meeting minutes with ease.

The other feature is a Sign-In which City Secretary Passailaigue stressed was not mandatory to speak and is no way required by the City to be able to speak. This is simply a feature for one to put their information and/or comments into the program for the record. This would be especially beneficial to those who are unable to attend the meeting for whatever reason.

The demonstration was followed by a brief presentation.

There was a consensus among the members of City Council to remove the Sign-In feature but to leave the Comment feature.